HIFU ULFITOur new addition! Advanced ultrasounds of the future, a revolution in skin tightening.

Facelift without surgery in 1 session

Over time, the skin loses its natural elasticity due to decreased collagen production, which results in a tired appearance, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging.

Ulfit stimulates the production of collagen by means of micro-lesions in a controlled manner at different depths of the dermis powered by MFU and MFCU ultrasound, providing non-invasive, comfortable and personalized procedures, both for the face and the body.

Heats and destroys a small area without damaging adjacent tissues and structures. This will stimulate the body's own healing processes, renewing the cells of the different layers of the skin and generating anchor points on the musculoaponeurotic surface (SMAS) to give a lifting effect, also increasing the content of collagen and elastin in it in a single session.

Since there is new collagen, the skin appears less wrinkled, smoother, hydrated and contoured.

Elimination of localized fat

For body contouring, Ulfit's HIFU technology directly and exclusively attacks fat cells, destroying them by means of a high-intensity mechanical wave. The remains of fat cells are "eliminated" through the lymphatic system. Throughout the three sessions and with the necessary care, this effect is maintained, achieving a modeled figure, which, when complementing the Ulfit body treatment with a balanced diet, these results are significantly maintained.

In addition, the most superficial layers can be treated to reaffirm and improve the quality of the skin and thus combat flaccidity.


What does HIFU stand for?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Translated into Spanish, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasound is vibrations or mechanical waves whose frequency is higher than 20,000 Hz, which is not audible to the human ear. With these mechanical vibrations, compression and dilation are achieved continuously and at a constant frequency and rhythm. This offers a system of transformation of mechanical energy into thermal and vibrational energy offers great advantages.

When will I start seeing results?

For facials, some momentary results may be seen immediately after the session, but final optimal results will be seen within 4-12 weeks after treatment. Most patients only require one session, however there are some exceptions that may require a refresher session. For body treatments, patients will experience some initial tightening effects, but optimal results should be expected within 4-12 weeks after treatment. The number of sessions will vary from patient to patient according to their personal goals, however, generally only three sessions are necessary.

What are ultrasounds used for in aesthetics?

This is a new technology that can be used to perform a variety of facial and body treatments, particularly to treat sagging skin and volume.

Do I have to be careful after the session?

Immediately after the session you can return to your normal activity.

There is not much care that you have to follow after a HIFU Ulfit session but it is no less important.

Even though it is a technology that allows us to work on the skin in both winter and summer, it is important not to sunbathe on the day of treatment and apply sun protection.

No facial treatment can be done in the following 15 days either.

Which areas can be treated with Ulfit HIFU?

Facials with the Ulfit have been designed to diminish wrinkles, eliminate fine lines and sagging skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead, chin and double chin lines. A good decision of the angle of the face can also be achieved. Ulfit body treatments are ideal for reducing persistent fat deposits or cellulite and flaccidity in the abdomen, thighs, flanks of the back and neckline.