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Our philosophy is based on professionalism, trust and quality.

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Before starting the treatment with diode laser or any of our treatments, we carry out a previous study of the client in order to perform our work in a safe and effective way.


Before starting the treatment we explain in a comprehensive way the whole process that we will carry out, as well as the possible side effects.


The previous study is very important to obtain optimal results. Thanks to our full knowledge of it, we will be able to correctly adjust the parameters of the treatment and therefore advise in a fair and concrete way the client's needs. We also work with a team of dermatological professionals to ensure that all our treatments are performed safely.


Depilfácil, a company that since 2006 has been carrying out shared exploitation with quality services to aesthetic professionals who want to offer an optimal service in their center without making an investment.

At Depilfácil we are specialists in laser hair removal treatments and various aesthetic treatments.

Our specialist technicians have a minimum of five years in the profession, which is why we make sure of the excellent protocol of action with each of the treatments offered.

What should we consider? For us there are two things that determine an excellent result. Firstly, the person, their professional level and experience and secondly, good equipment that provides safety and treatment results. For this, we remain at the forefront of the highest aesthetic technology, providing our clients with care based on full knowledge of the treatments we offer.

Our philosophy is based on professionalism, trust and quality, with optimal care, clear, effective and excellence to our clients, innovating with our spirit of collaboration, transparency in communication and teamwork .

marca equipo tratamiento
marca equipo tratamiento
marca equipo tratamiento


Highly recommended, it is the second time they have treated me and it is wonderful, the girls out of 10, the highly recommended treatment, I would give them more than 5 stars but I don't know if it can. Brilliant

Susana Vazque


If what you like is to be well sheltered by your hair, do not go to them because they will take them away forever!

Oskar Suarez


They are doing laser hair removal and with each session you can see that less and less hair comes out, I am delighted. They are very professional and very nice.

Gorane Querejazu Lafuente


They are very friendly, professional and responsible at all times, I recommend their services.

Óscar Montes


Professional and pleasant treatment. The results have been spectacular in the four treated areas. Thanks for your services. we keep seeing each other

Marta Arroyo