The diode laser is the most effective permanent hair removal system that has been on the market for more than 15 years. A hair removal system, capable of treating practically all types of skin and hair, without risks and at any time of the year.

We are currently working with Nº1 in diode laser hair removal.

A team manufactured 100% in Europe with more than 20 years of experience and complying with the new European regulations, CE Medical.


Milesman Compact is the latest technology in European-made laser hair removal that works on all skin types. It has a 95% success rate in hair removal.

VCSEL technology distributes energy evenly throughout the entire head, eliminating the "hot spot" or "tack effect" that occurs with older technologies.

Milesman Compact is a professional laser hair removal machine that arises after 5 years of continuous research in Spanish, German and American universities and high engineering.


We are aware that life today has changed and we have less and less time. With the sweep mode we managed to obtain the greatest effectiveness in the shortest possible time.

8 shots/second in single shot mode and 10 shots/second in sweep mode. Example: Legs: 15 minutes / Armpits: 5 minutes.

If your excuse was time, forget it because it is no longer a problem.

Painless and without side effects

Thanks to the fact that there is no "hot spot", it is possible to apply high energy, eliminating the discomfort of the treatment and the side effects. Cooler toe made of sapphire that gets down to -9°C.


What is a diode laser and how does it work?

The diode laser is a permanent hair removal system that has been on the market for more than 15 years. It is an effective hair removal system, capable of treating practically all skin types and hair, without risks and at any time of the year.

It basically consists of a device that emits monochromatic and unidirectional light, whose wavelength manages to destroy the hair follicle.

Results of the diode laser and duration of the sessions

With an average of 5 to 8 sessions, in most cases, between 80% and 90% of the hair is removed, the results being visible after the third week. As for the remaining 10 or 20% of the hair that is not removed, it is residual hair, very fine and with long periods between regrowths.

On certain occasions, depending mainly on aspects such as the color, the thickness of the hair, the color of the skin or the area that is treated, a few more or less sessions may be necessary.

How do I know that the laser hair removal treatment I am getting is of quality?

It is easy to know that we are dealing with a good professional and a good team. In the first place there must be a previous study of the type of hair and skin. Fill out a questionnaire to find out possible adverse situations to the treatment.
Do a laser tolerance test. Be informed of the entire process with clarity and precision.

Can laser hair removal have side effects?

The days after the session it is recommended to use a recovery cream, whose function is to recover the hydrolipidic layer and soothe the skin.
Due to the temperature reached on the surface of the skin, some redness may occasionally appear, which then disappears. This skin normalizes in a few weeks.
It can also darken. It can also happen that around the hair holes there is some inflammation called (perifollicular erythema) after treatment and even microhematomas.
All these processes disappear without leaving sequelae.

What qualifications should the technicians who give the treatments have?

Laser hair removal treatment must always be carried out by specialized personnel, through personalized follow-up to thus guarantee the patient's safety.

How is laser hair removal treatment applied?

To start the treatment it is necessary to make a prior diagnosis of the type of skin, thickness, amount and color of the hair.
It is convenient to carry out a test with the selected parameters in the area to be treated, in order to confirm the diagnosis and for the patient to experience its application.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

The time depends on the extension of the area to be treated.

What effects does your application produce?

The effectiveness and risks of waxing depend on the treated area.
The facial is always more delicate, as it is more visible and receives almost constant sun exposure.
There are also areas where the patient notices more discomfort, such as the front of the leg or the groin, where it is sometimes convenient to use lower intensities.

When do you see results from laser hair removal?

Each area, each type of skin, and even each person has its response time, so it is certain that the hair falls after each session and a smaller percentage comes back, it takes longer, is weaker and less dense, we can say that between 10 and 15 days after each session it falls off, and disappears after six to eight sessions in the most common cases.

How long do the effects of a diode laser hair removal last?

The laser does not remove 100% definitively or forever. This more than definitive hair removal is permanent, but as long as we are alive some hair will continue to appear sporadically.
There are areas where hair is androgen dependent, that is, its growth depends on hormones. This means that even if the hair present at the time of epilation is removed, it cannot be prevented from growing more in the future.
This occurs on the cleavage, areolae, linea alba, and lower back in women, and the thorax and back in men.
The best areas to treat with laser "are those that are not under the influence of hormones, precisely those that reach their full hair potential during puberty, such as the groin and adjacent areas, armpits, thighs, legs and forearms with thick hair."

Are there situations in which laser hair removal treatment is not advisable?

Yes, when you have recently had a malignant process, it is not advisable to do hair removal unless your doctor justifies it in writing.

Nor can it be done if you are taking certain medications referred to with acne (roacutan, dercutane...), they are highly photosensitive and this can cause a burn on the skin. You must wait 6 months from your last shot.

Tips after a laser hair removal session


Moisturize the area well and frequently after the waxing session with non-alcoholic substances, such as post-laser skin care Hydrogel (you can buy them in our centers), with soothing and moisturizing effects.

No sun exposure

Avoid sun exposure in the shaved area for 7 days after treatment. If the hair removal has been in the facial area, apply a protection factor greater than 50 whenever you are outdoors.

When to remove hair

Dead hair will be expelled in the days after the waxing session, but it may take up to 2 weeks to be expelled.

How I shave between sessions
To remove hair that appears between sessions, you should use systems such as shaving with a blade or depilatory cream, but never systems that remove hair from the roots such as wax or depilatory devices with a similar effect